2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League-Men Final Four
22-23 March 2014-Ankara

Halkbank takes the gloves off 18 March 2014

Ankara gear up for a historic volleyball event. 214 CEV Denizbank Champions League Final Four hosted by Halkbank will be held in Ankara Baskent Volleyball Hall. The host team Halkbank, Jastrzebski Wegiel from Poland, Zenit Kazan and Belogorie Belgorod from Russia will compete to win the gold.

Halkbank Sports Club held a press conference regarding the event at Halkbank Headquarters. Club President Selahattin Suleymanoglu; board members Mehmet Tufekci, Dr. Atakan Mermer, Yalcin Kaya, Muhammet Zaim; coach Radostin Stoytchev, assistant coach Taner Atik and the players Can Ayvazoglu, Raphael de Oliviera and Osmany Juantorena attended the conference.

Halkbank Sports Club President Selahattin Suleymanoglu stated that Ankara will host a historic event and said: “Final four of the most prestigious event of volleyball will be played in Ankara. It will be a first in Turkey. We had important talks to bring the tournament to Ankara in collaboration with the president of Turkish volleyball federation Ozkan Mutlugil. As known, we will play against Wegiel from Poland in semifinal. We beat our opponent once previously. Our sole goal is to win on 22 March and qualify for the final. I ask the volleyball fans in Ankara to witness to history. As Halkbank, we have always broken the new grounds and we wish the same for this tournament.”

Halkbank coach Radostin Stoytchev mentioned that they will do their best to win the Weigel match and said “I feel the honor of competing in Champions League. I am happy that this event will be held in Ankara. We will compete against the strongest teams of Europe. Our accomplishment is important for both Halkbank and Turkish volleyball. Our technical staff and the team are ready for the matches. The team who works devotedly and struggles more on the court will be successful. We must firstly concentrate on the semifinal and then consider the final.” Halkbank’s Brazilian setter Raphael de Oliviera attracted attention with his traditional “seymen” dress of Ankara.

Can Ayvazoğlu

We brought the CEV Cup to Turkey for the first time. To win this cup is our sole purpose. I set my heart on this. My request from our fans is to support us.

Osmani Juantorena

We will play against the best teams in the world. Especially Russian teams have very good squads. It is very important for us to win the first match and qualify for the final.

“Seymen” Raphael de Oliviera

I am not Turkish but I am really happy to compete in a Turkish team. I promise, we will do our best to win.

First opponent is Wegiel

First match in Ankara will be played on 22 March at 14:00 between two Russian teams and the first finalist will be determined. In the second match of the day at 17:00, host club Halkbank will play against Jastrzebski Wegiel from Poland to take the final ticket. The champions will be determined after the final match on 23 March at 17:00. Having world class volleyball players such as Matei Kaziyski and Osmani Juantorena, Halkbank will try to bring the cup to its museum and go down in Turkish volleyball history.