2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League-Men Final Four
22-23 March 2014-Ankara

We trust in our team 03 March 2014

Another support to the organizer of the 2014 CEV DenizBank Volleyball Champions League Halkbank came from their women’s team.

Thoughts of 3 young stars of the team are:

Cemre Erol

First of all as an athlete I would like to thank you our President and volleyball fans for their big support. It's such a great honour to host this tournament in Ankara, on the other hand it's a big opportunity for us. Consisting of invaluable players, our team has represented our country successfully.

I strongly believe that they will win Champions League cup after an astonishing performance. I wish them success and luck. I wish them success and luck. From the previous tournaments, we know that Ankara has a famous public that love volleyball so much, so we are looking forward to their support.

Desislava Nikolaeva

I think it is really nice to have the final four in Ankara. That will help a lot to the team’s performanca. I wish all the players health and success.. Besides, we will support in the hall. I belive that they have the power to beat their opponents and I hope that the Cnampions League cup stays in Ankara.

Laura Chantal Dijkema

The president of Halkbank created a great opportunity for our men’s team to succeed in the champions league final four. I think it is a big advantage that they will play in Ankara. I hope a great number of spectators will be in the hall to support the team. It is an amazing tournament, because it will demonstrate the highest volleyball level in Europe. I hope many young players will be inspired by the tournament.

Halkbank is a strong team with qualified Turkish players, strong foreign players and a highly experienced coach. This team cnsists of players of and a coach who has Champions League experience. I hopa that they will utilise ther skills ideally.

I wish the Halkbank team success. We will support them.